Welcome to the website of the Care for Children foundation

The Care for Children Foundation was founded in 2002 to support a girls orphanage in the town of Minethouk at the Inle lake in Myanmar (Burma). From January 2008, the nearby boys orphanage was also added.

Our girls orphanage is home to 60 girls, aged 6 to 18 years. Our boys orphanage is home to 26 boys, aged 6 to 18 years.

If you want to make a donation to the Care for Children foundation or want to support an orphan, you can. More information can be found under the donate tab.
Mood impression

You will get an impression of daily life in and around our two orphanages by watching this video on YouTube.

Introducing the new board

The new board of the Care for Children foundation consists of the following persons:

  • Lucas Harms – chairman
  • Nico Schoenmakers – secretary
  • Camiel van der Heiden – treasurer

We thank the old board of Care for Children for the commitment, trust and transfer of a healthy foundation. We will continue the good work and warm contacts of founder Cor Visser, chairman Maria Overmars, secretary Simon Goede and the other board members with just as much passion and dedication.

Meeting the ambassador

Our new secretary Nico Schoenmakers had an inspiring meeting with the Dutch ambassador Wouter Jurgens in February 2020. At the embassy in the former capital, Yangon, they spoke extensively about the country, the culture and the support of the Dutch government for agriculture and business. This is done to achieve sustainable economic growth and to improve the human rights situation. The Netherlands believes that a combination of a critical attitude and support is the right balance to strengthen democracy. The ambassador listened carefully to the project stories and gave some good advice.

Annual report 2020

The new annual report from the Care for Children foundation is ready. In the richly illustrated Annual Report 2020, we pay attention to the current situation in Myanmar, the meeting of our new secretary with the ambassador and the impact of the corona crisis. We tell you about our 86 orphans, give a glimpse into the boys home and the girls home, introduce the staff to you again and tell you what the plans are for 2021. The new board members of the Care for Children foundation introduce themselves to you in the newsletter and we report on the finances. Finally, you can read more about the vision of our board.