Boys orphanage

In the year 2000, a boys' orphanage was built in the town of Minethouk on Inle Lake in Myanmar. That was paid for by the Myanmar Children's Association at the time. In 2002 the Care for Children foundation was established and with money from sponsors and donors from the Netherlands, a girls' orphanage could also be built in Minethouk. When the Myanmar Children's Association stopped supporting the boys' orphanage in 2007, the Care for Children Foundation took over the management of this house.

The boys

Currently 26 boys live in the boys' orphanage, 10 of which are orphans and 10 are half orphans. Six boys still have both parents, but they cannot take care of them because they are very poor. The youngest of the group is 6 years old and the oldest is 18 years old. Many boys come from one of the many ethnic minorities that live around Inle Lake. Most of them have their own traditional clothing, which they are very proud of.

The accommodation

The boys' orphanage is a well-maintained building. It is within walking distance of the girls' orphanage. Both houses are very similar in construction. The building has a number of large spaces where the boys can study, recreate and watch television. All facilities are in order. Each house also has a computer room.

Maintenance of the buildings

Every year we carry out maintenance on the boys' orphanage and the outbuildings. We find it important to keep these in good condition. In 2020 we installed new toilets and showers at the boys' orphanage. We also installed new drinking water tanks and covered the large water reservoirs. The roof of the kitchen at the girls' orphanage was renovated in 2021.