Inflow & Outflow


The children and young people in the two orphanages in Minethouk often come from one of the many ethnic minorities who live around the Inle Lake. Every year there are applications for placement of new children. Sometimes they come in through the local government and sometimes there are families with a child at the door. The orphanage father U Tet Tun determines in consultation with his staff and the local committee whether a child can be placed in one of the two houses.


When the youngsters have finished secondary school, start a vocational training or study, they sometimes leave the orphanages. That depends on where they are going to work or study. If that is in the nearby city of Nyaung Shwe, the young people can travel up and down. If they go to the part-time university in the city of Taunggyi, a suitable place to live is sought for them. This is often with family.

Young people who get into a relationship naturally also leave the orphanages. What we often see is that they often continue to visit the place, where they were surrounded with a lot of care and warmth.