Vision & Policy

Trust in the power of people

The Care for Children Foundation is a Dutch non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports children and young people up to the age of twenty in Myanmar. Think of healthy food, clothing, housing, education, hygiene and medical care. A clear vision, creative ideas and inspired actions for a better society are our source of inspiration. Our board members and volunteers are committed to turning these sources of inspiration into a daily reality for the children and young people. We stand for personal inspiration, honesty and openness. We are aware of the value of different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. That is why we rely on the power of people themselves, both in our volunteers and in those we support. We give them the necessary support, so that they can realize a better future themselves.

Striving for harmonious cooperation

The word 'care' in the name of our foundation appeals to giving something essential of yourself to the other. We believe that this 'giving' should be a relaxed and spontaneous process, without forced preconditions, holding on to expectations, imposing well-intentioned advice and the prospect of punishments and rewards. The Care for Children Foundation therefore strives for structural and harmonious cooperation between local parties and international development organisations. In this way we ensure the dissemination of knowledge and the sharing of experience. Within the communities that arise, it is possible to work effectively and structurally on the realization of the dreams, ideas and actions.

Organizing engagement

Our board members and volunteers pay a lot of attention locally and in the Netherlands to organizing involvement, so that more and more people - each in their own way - become part of the communities surrounding the projects. Information meetings and sponsorship campaigns are being set up for and by all these stakeholders. Fundraising is done by using the networks of our board members and volunteers, both professional and private. The board members of the foundation ensure that the donations are used 100% locally. Our board members and volunteers do not receive any compensation for their work. Also, no real estate or durable means of production are managed with gifts and donations.

Expansion of the number of projects

In the coming years, the Care for Children Foundation will continue to support the two orphanages in Minethouk in Myanmar. In the future, more projects can be accommodated in the foundation. During the travels of the board members and volunteers of the foundation, suitable projects are actively looked for. People outside the foundation can also bring distressing situations to the attention of the foundation.