ANBI Accountability

ANBI is the official hallmark for Public Benefit Institutions. In order to increase the confidence of the Dutch population in ANBI-registered organizations, these organizations must publish a number of important matters on their website. The Care for Children Foundation has listed this information for you in a clear overview. As an ANBI-registered organization we attach great value to transparency and trust.


With the name Care for Children Foundation, we are registered in the register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 34177574.


The Legal Entities Partnerships Information Number of the Care for Children Foundation is 812837551.

Contact details

For the correct contact details of our foundation, please refer to the Contact page.

Board composition

For the composition of the board and the names and functions of our board members, we refer you to the page Board & Volunteers.


The Care for Children Foundation supports underprivileged (orphan) children and young people up to the age of twenty, who live in Myanmar. Think of healthy food, clothing, housing, education, hygiene and medical care.

Policy plan

On the Vision & Policy subpage of this website you will find the general formulation of our vision and our foundation policy. On the Project goals subpage you will find the objectives of our orphanages in Minethouk in Myanmar.

Reward Policy

Our board members and volunteers travel to the projects entirely on their own account. They do not receive any compensation for their work in the Netherlands and locally. According to the statutes of the foundation, they can declare their travel expenses, but for ideological reasons they refrain from doing so. Of course, the Care for Children Foundation, like any foundation, has overhead costs. However, the board itself bears these costs for the management of the foundation. In this way we try to keep it as transparent as possible for our donors and sponsors and we can guarantee that all income is used 100% locally. In other words: 'Every euro donated is a euro on location.' Needless to say, we do not manage real estate or durable means of production with gifts and donations.

Report of the activities

Our website reports on our activities in all kinds of places and in all kinds of ways. A substantive annual report is compiled every year and published on the Downloads page. For a good picture of our activities, we would also like to refer to our Videos.

Financial responsibility

We are completely transparent about our income and expenses towards our sponsors and donors. See also the remuneration policy section on this page. The most recently signed financial report can be found on the Downloads page.