Project goals

The Care for Children Foundation runs two orphanages in the town of Minethouk on Lake Inle in Myanmar: a girls' orphanage and a boys' orphanage. In it, 60 girls and 20 boys, respectively, live together with four full-time staff members.

1. Improving living conditions

Facilities are in order
Since the start of the foundation in 2002, we have made many improvements to the living conditions of the orphans. Our girls and boys are now all living in good conditions. There is plenty of space to eat, sleep, study and recreate. The facilities in the two buildings are in order.

Annual investment
Items such as healthy food, clothing, slippers, sleeping gear, toiletries, school uniforms and school supplies require an annual investment from our foundation. The money we need for this is largely raised by our donors.

Next year we would like to purchase a number of stainless steel clothes racks, on which the children can hang their clothes to dry.

2. Maintaining the housing

Painting the buildings
Our residential buildings are largely made of wood and are used intensively. The parts that are ready for it are painted every year.

Fans, lighting, switches, cabling, plumbing, faucets, kitchen appliances, furniture, equipment, all these items are subject to maintenance. The maintenance jobs are carried out during the year.

In 2020 we installed new toilets and showers at the boys' orphanage. We also installed new drinking water tanks and placed a roof over the large water reservoirs. In 2021, the roof of the kitchen at the girls' orphanage will be renovated. In 2022, the roof of the kitchen of the boys' house is replaced, the concrete floor of the kitchen of the girls' home is poured again, parts of the wooden floors are replaced in both houses and the gutters and downspouts of the girls' home are replaced.

It is desirable to place a fence around the girls' house. Myanmar is a relatively safe country with little crime, but caution is important at all times.

3. Investing in tutoring and further education

All the girls and boys in our homes are tutored after school by our staff members. We hope in this way that more young people eventually pass their exams and obtain the high school diploma.

Follow-up study
With a high school diploma, young people have more options in terms of further education, such as part-time university or vocational training. In collaboration with the World Child Care Foundation, we can let our young people participate in the English & Life Skill Program at the PDO High School in the city of Mandalay. Young people who do not obtain their diploma can do vocational training.

It is important that the children also become digitally skilled. Each house has a computer room. In order to allow several children to participate in the computer lessons of U Bran Saing at the same time, there is a wish to be able to purchase two extra laptops per house.