Board & Volunteers


The board of the Care for Children foundation consists of three people, who each give shape and content to the organization with their own expertise and motivation:

Lucas Harms - Chairman
Lucas is a retired doctor. He is the chairman of the foundation and the point of contact for policy. Lucas leads the meetings and, together with Nico, maintains contact with the external partners. He is also actively looking for new project partners.
Nico Schoenmakers - Secretary
Nico was a teacher of visual arts and communication manager at a secondary school for many years. He currently lives in France with his wife and rents out holiday apartments. He is responsible for the foundation's operational affairs and external communication. He visits the project twice a year and maintains local contacts. He writes sponsor requests and reports for the partners.
Camiel van der Heiden - Treasurer
In daily life, Camiel is a project and environment manager at a large contracting company. He manages the foundation's financing flows and prepares the financial reports. He supports the foundation with his technical knowledge, helps set up sponsorship campaigns and gives presentations.


The Care for Children Foundation also has some committed volunteers. They advise the board and help where possible. The volunteers are:

Frederique Schoenmakers - Volunteer
Frederique is a professional storyteller. She assists in helping out for the foundation and collects news and information about Myanmar for the board.