View our 2023 Annual Report

View our 2023 Annual Report

Geplaatst op: Tuesday 23 January 2024

Are you curious about how things are currently going in Myanmar and how our projects are running? Then read our Annual Review 2023. Conditions in the country are far from rosy due to the takeover and the aftermath of the corona crisis. But there is also hope and there are all kinds of bright spots. In our report we explain how our local people are supporting the education, care and guidance of orphans in Minethouk. That is heartwarming to read.

We hope it gives you the energy to start or continue to support our work. That is crucial. We notice that the sponsorship of our work is under pressure due to the double crisis and negative reporting. Financial support is really crucial. All contributions in the form of valuable contacts, good ideas, one-off gifts or structural sponsorship are welcome.

We would like to guarantee the progress of our projects, so that we can continue to offer good housing, committed leadership, development opportunities and a bit of happiness to all children and young people entrusted to us.

Click here to download and read the 2023 Annual Report.