China wants an end to violence

China wants an end to violence

Geplaatst op: Saturday 11 November 2023

China calls on all warring parties in the Myanmar conflict to immediately stop fighting. Most of the fighting takes place in the border area with China. That country asks the government of Myanmar to prevent further victims by working together to create a stable situation. From an economic point of view, it is also important for China that the violence in Myanmar stops.

Southeast Asia correspondent Mustafa Marghadi of NOS explains: China is Myanmar's most important trading partner. That is why the border area where fighting is taking place is so important. Several billion euros worth of products cross the border between China and Myanmar, such as rare metals, clothing and food. But these battles are endangering those trade routes. For example, pro-democracy and ethnic minority fighters have captured the town of Chinshwehaw, through which much of that trade flows.

China is very concerned about the instability in Myanmar. They have a great commercial interest in being able to reach the Indian Ocean via Myanmar in order to reduce dependence on shipping through the South China Sea. For this, the Chinese need peace and stability in Myanmar. The relationship with the military regime has therefore become somewhat tense after the coup in 2021.

The Chinese are also concerned about the safety of their compatriots in Myanmar and in the Chinese border area. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today therefore calls on all parties to immediately stop the fighting. In the meantime, China says it will guarantee the safety of the Chinese in the border area.