Welcome to the Care for Children foundation. The foundation supports a girls orphanage in Minethouk, Myanmar (Burma). Since 2008 we also support the nearby boys orphanage. If you wish to make a donation to the Care for Children foundation or financially support one of the orphans, you can you use this website.

Progress report 2016

Progress report Care for Children foundation 2016.

This is the fifteenth progress report since our foundation was initiated in 2002. This report concerns the developments in Burma (Myanmar) in general and the activities in 2016 for the boys’ and girls’ orphanage in Minethouk, Burma.

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Small orphanage movie

Melle van Gelderen visited the orphanages in Minthouk in 2013. Read more

Twenty laptops for the orphanages

The Care for Children Foundation bought new laptops for the children in orphanages. Read more