Every year we receive enthusiastic volunteers in our orphanages in Minethouk on the Inle. They undertake all kinds of nice and educational activities with our girls and boys. Think of practicing English or another language, singing, dancing, drawing, crafts, textile work forms, cooking, gardening, first aid, computer lessons and much more.

Each volunteer brings his or her own skills and talents. The girls and boys like it very much when volunteers come. It brings variety and happiness. It is also very enriching for the staff of our orphanages and not least for yourself. It will truly be an unforgettable experience!

Are you interested in volunteering in our orphanages in Minethouk? Please contact our secretary Nico Schoenmakers via the e-mail address info@careforchildren.nu.

Pay a visit

If you are on a holiday trip through Myanmar, you are welcome to take a look at our orphanages. The children and staff really like that. If you want to bring something, bring fruit from the local market. That is healthy and you do everyone a favor with it. There is a tea house at the girls orphanage, where we would like to welcome you with a cup of tea or coffee.