Progress report 2011.                                  Care for Children Foundation


Dear contributor,                                                                              Landsmeer, February,  2012


This is our 10th  annual progress report which details our activities for the two orphanages in Minethouk, Burma (Myanmar).


Visits to the orphanages by our Board Members


In 2011, the Board has twice visited the orphanages: the first time in February/March and the second time in November. Besides money they also did bring textbooks and a new laptop including a projector. The projector can be used for lessons and for screening films. The meetings with the staff were mainly devoted to giving advice, particularly on education, managing money and budgets. They discussed potential consequences of future changes in electricity supply (see below). Computers which were out of service, have been repaired. They also visited the nursery that is being extended, partially at the cost of our Foundation.


With respect to education, it is striking that the girls are much more motivated to continue studying than the boys. One problem is that there is no technical school (trade school) in the vicinity, where the boys could learn a trade. The only way to learn a trade is to do an internship at a company. The orphanage father will try in the near future to find further schooling opportunities for the boys after they leave the orphanages. The staff members will also try harder to motivate the boys to continue their learning.


There are little sports activities in the orphanages or in the school which the children attend. The orphanage father has been asked to contact the head of the school to examine the possibility of hiring a jointly paid (50/50) sports instructor. The Foundation would pay about $ 500 a year. Sport is not only good for physical development, but also for social skills.


The cooking still takes place on wood fires. Thanks to a donation from an Englishman, the two kitchens will being merged. And with improvement of the electricity supply, the Board is considering to buy an electric stove, one or more microwaves and a refrigerator.


Furthermore, a start was made on implementing the major maintenance of the two orphanages.


The electricity supply


The electricity supply of the orphanages is in very bad shape. As a result the computers can frequently not be used in the evenings. The power now comes from four different sources: (1) a pair of solar panels, (2) a generator, (3) our own biogas plant and (4) a hydroelectric power station( but no rainfall no power !). The expectation is that the orphanages will be connected to public electricity supply within six months, which would greatly improve the situation.


The volunteers


In late December 2010, Susan, a volunteer from Hawaii did lay out a vegetable garden. She also introduced the so-called  “Korea National Farming”. With this method a blended compost is produced by mixing animal and vegetable waste in a given ratio. This “green” process for making compost is being applied not only in Hawaii, but also in other countries with great success.

She also taught farmers from the vicinity of the orphanages how to produce compost in this manner.


In July, Yolanda, a volunteer from Spain did come to the orphanages and has worked there for over two months. She taught the children English and Spanish, gave computer lessons and even taught some Spanish dances.


In August, Hanny, a volunteer from the Netherlands came to the orphanages and worked with our English teacher (Sue) to make the first personal development plan (PDP) for each child. In this plan topics such as health status, school experiences, family circumstances, social issues, hobbies etc. are being recorded. She also explained to the staff how to use games for the children for learning. Our controller in the orphanages was taught how the accounting can be done with Microsoft Excel. The ladies also went with some children to an Internetcafé  to teach them how to send an email.


You will understand that the staff and the children of the orphanages were very pleased with the efforts of these volunteers. In 2012 again some volunteers will visit the orphanages.


The small businesses


The orphanages now possess about 350 chickens, laying on average about 250 eggs a day. The larger portion of the eggs is being sold on the local market, the rest is being used by the orphanages themselves.

The biogas-plant (which operates on rice waste) provides power mainly in the evening, and it also provides electricity to 22 houses in the vicinity of the orphanages. The residents pay a flat rate per month. As the voltage is unstable, it is not suitable for current computers.

The first vegetables from the vegetable garden is being harvested and used for own consumption.

At the request of the orphanage father a cow will be bought in 2012. The milk will be sold to a hotel.


Activities in The Netherlands


In 2011, two anniversaries were celebrated. At these occasions, the persons celebrating her jubilee did ask for donations in cash, but not for presents. This money was made available to our Foundation. Then, the elementary school “De Hoeksteen (The Cornerstone) “ in Landsmeer (the Netherlands) organized an auction of paintings that students had made on the theme of “Burma” . The proceeds of the sale (€ 1000) has gone to our Foundation. And, a new donor transferred her first state pension payment to the Foundation.


In August 2012 the Foundation celebrates its 10 th anniversary. On this occasion there will be a festive day in September or October for our donors and other interested persons.




Primarily due to a very large donation from an American couple, a great gift from a Swiss organization, the proceeds of abovementioned anniversaries and the auction of the paintings, we have achieved a financial surplus in 2011. We propose that this surplus will be used mainly for the purchase of several computers, improving kitchen equipment, painting of the orphanage buildings and improving health and safety. Any remaining surplus will be added to the reserves. As has been reported earlier, it is practically impossible in Burma to insure buildings against fire and storm damages. Our reserve is a.o. meant to catch such calamities, but also to reserve funds for setting up small businesses.



Finally we also received money for a scholarship fund. This fund is intended for supporting children who leave the orphanages financially in their further studies. At present seven children (one boy and six girls) make use of this fund.




As Board Member Hans Kreuger has migrated to Germany, the function of website manager on the Board is vacant. We expect to fill this vacancy in the first quarter of 2012.

Also our consultant Chris Westrus is resigning from his post, because of lack of time. We do thank Hans and Chris warmly for their years of dedication to the Foundation.




We are extremely grateful for all the support we received in 2011 from you and from all donors, small and large, privately and from businesses, from churches, from schools and from volunteers.


Thank you very much


The Board:

Maria Overmars (chairman), Robert Schuil (member) and Simon Goede (secretary/treasurer)






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