June 2017


In our progress report in 2016, we mentioned that through a glitch in the cooperation between board members, all members will make room for new members in 2017. This is in accordance with the advice of our consultant Maria Overmars.

Until now, however, we have not been able to find suitable candidates to complete the various vacancies. However, we can guarantee that we are closely watching over the organisation during this transition period, i.e. we will provide the staff of the orphanages with advice and ensure that the payment of salaries and other operating expenses to the orphanage father U Tet Tun continues.


Unfortunately, Sue, who was responsible for the girls orphanage since 2005, has resigned per June 1st. Sue worked for us for over 12 years and has been invaluable for the children. She was not only there for ‘her’ children by day and night, but also provided extra tutoring and led hundreds of tourists who visited our orphanages in recent years, along the buildings. A number of tourists were so impressed that they later worked as volunteers in orphanages.

For our orphans, this is a very big loss. We are deeply grateful to Sue for all she has done for the children. For the time being, her tasks are being carried out by a number of girls from our orphanages who obtained their High School diploma this year.


In September, Marianne Gaultier will visit the orphanages for two weeks as a volunteer. Marianne has studied Engineering in France and will, together with our orphanage father, determine whether the installation of solar panels is possible. In addition, one of her other tasks includes checking whether or not the current electricity cabling meets the safety requirements.

Simon Goede (deputy treasurer / secretary Care for Children Foundation).

April, 2017

Dagmar Lap

It is my pleasure to introduce you to freelance photographer Dagmar Lap. In recent years, Dagmar has photographed people in various countries across Asia. This year, she is planning to release a photo book of people that live and work in Asia, including for example Myanmar.

Of each book sold, € 1,- will be donated to our organisation. A fantastic initiative, which definitely has our support. You can learn more about this unique project by clicking here .