Donations, volunteer work and the option to adopt one of the orphans financially

The Care for Children foundation can work because of the donations we receive from different companies, foundations and private people. If you want to help us we, and the children in Myanmar are very thank full.

From the money we receive we are paying the teachers, the orphanages staff, the housing and food for the children. Also we are paying for the maintenance of the building and study materials. Also we are trying to start small companies where the children can work after the finish school.

You can donate money through Pay Pal or you can do a money transfer to:

Care for Children Foundation
Rabobank: NL64 RABO 0383573084
Landsmeer, The Netherlands

International money transfer
RABO bank, Diemen, Holland
For: Care for Children, Landsmeer, Holland
Account nr.: NL 64 RABO 038-35-73084

May you consider to adopt a child financially, this is possible. You can support a child for 25 euro per month. If you want to adopt a child financially please contact Simon Goede at or write a letter to:

Care for Children Foundation
’t Plankenpad 28
1121 JL Landsmeer
The Netherlands
Telephone: 0031 20 4821195

Of course their is also the opportunity to visit the orphanages in Minethouk for volunteer work. You can help in the orphanages, teach, cook or just go for a visit. If you would like to visit the orphanages you can contact Simon Goede.